Monday, February 17, 2020
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Angel Lady of the Maritimes

Angel-Lady-book-thumbHow does someone go from being a military nurse to a professional medium talking to angels and dead people? Read Karen’s enthralling autobiography portraying her spiritual journey and fascinating career change.

Karen had many frank chats with God while trying to stay on her life path, looking for divine guidance and help along the way. Discover the secrets of working as a professional medium and the realities of communicating with heavenly beings. It sometimes means persuading dead people to quiet down and allow her private time.

As she recounts some hair-raising experiences in her life, Karen offers helpful advice about knowing which angels are around you. She describes her first ghostly encounter during a military tour of Gettysburg. She also writes of the startling first time a dead person spoke to her directly – a soldier killed in Afghanistan. And she tells of an angelic visitation at her military workplace informing her it was time to move on to the next phase in honouring her life path.

With warmth and humour, Karen shares her angelic encounters: how Archangel Michael took over driving her car in a dangerous situation; how she sees the glowing presence of angels; how her deceased father grabs her attention from heaven; and what common messages your angels have for you.


Angels of the Maritimes Volume Two

angelindexAn assembly of Maritimer angel stories that will engage your mind and heart. Read how angels miraculously saved a child’s life; helped a woman sell her car, saved Karen’s car from being stolen and how one man received a vision from his deceased wife reassuring him he would be okay when he was sick. Following each story are relevant angel tips to help you connect with your angels and angel prayers for your everyday life. Be inspired today!


Angels of the Maritimes

bookc 200This Canadian Bestseller book offers uplifting angel encounters and stories from people across the Maritimes ranging from angels assisting you in everyday life to profound moments that reshape lives. Ever wonder how to connect with your angels? Following each story is relevant, angelic information to assist you in connecting with your own angels today..

Canadian Angels By Your Side

cacoverThis book is a collection of uplifting angel stories from people across Canada that will make you laugh, make you cry, but above all inspire you. Read loving angel messages and heartfelt prayers. Learn how you can summon angels in your daily life; invoke Archangel Raphael for healing; how angels visually appear to you and how to send angels to your loved ones in need.


Karen's books can be purchased by contacting your local bookstore or online: · · ·


“I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your last book Angel Lady of the Maritimes. Your writing and the way you expressed yourself in the book made it fun – you’re just like one of us.  A funny normal Maritimer. ”

Carolle Savoie

"Fans of Karen Forrest's 'Angel' books will love this behind-the-scenes look at her journey from military nurse to the Angel Lady of the Maritimes." -

Jon Tattrie, author of Limerence

Karen, you are brightening the world of many by your inspirational writings. Continue your good work!”

Mercedes Deveau, Dieppe, New Brunswick

“I would happily recommend all of Karen's books to anyone who loves and believes in Angels (and even those who don't.) I was hooked from the first page. The stories are great, some I've wanted to experience in my own life. I love that Karen shares her own personal stories on how she requests angelic help. Thanks for writing angel stories, Karen. I'm a believer!”

Pat Boutilier, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

“Karen came into my life when I was in a very dark time. Through a personal angel reading, workshops, and her beautiful books, she has been a guide for me. She has helped me find my true path in life. She has given me a reason to go forward into my beautiful journey that lies before me.”

-Kathleen Williams, Prince Edward Island, Canada

“I purchased your Spiritual Hygiene podcast and wanted to thank you. I can’t believe how effective these spiritual techniques are!”

–Amanda Crocker, RMT

“I have read Karen Forrest's books and have received inspiration, comfort and pleasure
from the stories Karen has shared; a lightness of feeling to my inner spirit.”

-Gaye DeWolfe, Nova Scotia

“Since reading Canadian Angels, I have become more conscious of signs and could relate to many of the stories.”

–Diane Lacey, Nova Scotia

“Thank you for your comforting messages in your book!” –

Lela MacDonald

“I have been saving your book for bedtime reading to quiet my mind and fill it with beautiful thoughts before going to bed. I have a hard time putting it down, but want to make it last awhile!  Keep writing!”

Frances Lawrence, New Brunswick