House and Business Clearing

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Do you want to live in a peaceful, healthy, sacred home? Does being on a spiritual path matter to you? Then have your home Angelically/energetically cleared to support you and your family!


House/space clearing involves 4 Divinely Guided Steps:


1. God & Archangel Michael clear any negative energy / entities from home / land.

2. Invoking Divine love and light and other uplifting energy into your home.

3. Divine protection for home / land and you, anyone living in your home.

4. Educating you on how to improve the sacredness of your home / messages from the angels about the house clearing.



  • Don’t feel comfortable in their own home
  • Child is seeing / hearing things that is scaring child; child feels unsafe or uncomfortable
  • Palliative care in home, hospital
  • Child has nightmares, can’t sleep in own room
  • You don’t like to be in certain area of house
  • Feeling negative, heavy, stagnant energy
  • Divorce, change in who is living in home
  • Disharmony in relationships
  • Earthbound spirits / ghosts in home
  • Looking for improved spiritual, physical, mental health
  • Tragedy in home or on land (ex suicide, death, violence)
  • Want deeper connection with fairies – need land cleared
  • Seeking romantic partner or increasing romance in current relationship
  • Selling / buying home, buying / selling car, motorhome



  • Makes home more welcoming & feel comfortable and a sacred place to live.
  • Invokes divine energy, & God, Angels into your home
  • Fills your home with love, light, peacefulness
  • Offers sacred space to support you in honouring your life purpose, life path
  • Improved & support your physical, mental, spiritual health
  • Your home feels safer, protected
  • Feels good, lighter, better, more relaxed
  • Beneficial for sensitive adults / children to live in more sacred space
  • Promotes harmony, peacefulness
  • Helps you better connect with divine beings, angels
  • Increases your intuition
  • Children sleep better, play more, feel more at ease, less anxious
  • Enjoy your yard more, connect with nature easier
  • Increased romance, passion in life



  • All the above in house clearing PLUS:
  • Increased financial abundance
  • Promotes welcoming space
  • Clients hang out longer (buy more) and repeat business
  • Clients recommend your business when it feels good
  • Attract your target audience
  • Bring in nice clients, keep negative clients away
  • Clearing supports the purpose, goal of your business
  • Align your business with divine energy of God, angels
  • Divine protection on business




Karen has recently certified 5 people to do professional house clearings, office clearings, space clearings, land clearings and business clearings.This can BE DONE FROM A DISTANCE! We don't have to be in your home to do an Angel Clearing of your home. God & Archangel Michael will be in your home doing the clearing. This is done on a deep level (much more than just smudging with sage).




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About Karen

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Web 03Karen Forrest, Angel Lady ®, is  Canadian bestselling author of the Angels of the Maritimes: By Your Side and  bestsellers: Canadian Angels: By Your Side , Angels of the Maritimes Volume Two  and Angel Lady of the Maritimes. (Pottersfield Press).
An expert in angelic communication, Karen has appeared on Breakfast Television, Live at 5, CTV News and Supernatural Investigation on Vision TV. She has guest spoken on various international radio shows (including Maritime Morning, Mornings with Hal) and quoted in newspapers/magazines internationally (including The Chronicle Herald, WholeLife).
A truly gifted spiritual counsellor, motivational speaker, Angel Therapy Practitioner® and medium, Karen counsels and teaches from a heart of compassion. Always believing in angels, but not knowing how to connect with them, Karen became an Angel Therapy Practitioner® in 2004, certified by world-renown Doreen Virtue Ph.D. Karen mastered an intensive Medium Mentorship Program (2005), Professional Spiritual Teachers Program (2006), and Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner Course (2008) all certified by Doreen Virtue. Furthermore, Karen has received a Mediumship Course by James Van Praagh.
Karen has extensive spiritual training including attendance at workshops and lectures by: Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Adam, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Emoto, Dr. John DeMartini, Jack Canfield, Dr. Phil, Sonia Choquette and Barb Stegemann. Karen attended a Medical Intuitive Course by Dr. Mona Lisa Scholz.
An experienced lecturer and motivational speaker, Karen has developed and delivered over a dozen various dynamic spiritual workshops and lectures and offers monthly workshops and teleseminars in her private practice, Words of Wisdom Counselling. Guest speaking on cruise ships, professional conferences and various expos, Karen has proven adept at public speaking. Karen is an expert on angels and mediumship.
Offering a diverse background in educational and work experience, Karen achieved a university degree in Bachelor of Nursing from University of Calgary and a diploma in Advanced Studies Mental Health Nursing from Mount Royal College, Calgary. Captain Karen Forrest (retired) honourably served 17 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, retiring as a Mental Health Nursing Officer in 2006.
Karen published several spiritual articles in wellness magazines including: “Crystal Children: The Newest Generation of Psychic Children”; “Understanding Indigo Children”; “Angel Numbers: Angel Messages Thru Number Sequences”; “Messages From Deceased Loved Ones: Learn to Recognize Their Signs” and “Discovering Your Life Purpose.”
Commencing her counselling practice in November 2004, Karen offers motivational speaking, private angel readings, medium sessions, spiritual counselling and teaching.. As a motivational speaker and teacher, Karen offers a dynamic, relevant approach in her teachings. Karen is passing on her knowledge through various angel workshops and lectures. Karen’s life purpose involves connecting people with their angels and supporting you in honouring your life path. It is a life purpose that she takes to heart and pursues with absolute passion

To see people personally connect with their Angels and the Divine. For people to know in their hearts that their deceased loved ones are doing well and continue to live on even after death. For all to know and follow their own life purpose.

To provide you loving, guiding messages from your Angels and your deceased loved ones in a peaceful atmosphere of confidentiality comfort and light. To assist you in personally connecting with your Angels and deceased loved ones. To teach you how to receive messages and connect with your Angels in an atmosphere of respect and spiritual enlightenment. To assist you in your personal healing, spiritual growth and to understand and follow your own life purpose

Private Mentorship

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Did you know that Karen offers a CERTIFICATION for MEDIUMSHIP (communicating with dead people) and ANGEL MENTORSHIP?

Are you interested in:
Developing your own intuitive abilities to better receive Divine guidance in your OWN life?
Working professionally as a medium communicating with dead people?
Working professionally offering angel readings?
Are you doing this line of work already but would like the benefit of private mentorship and a certificate?

Have you been receiving guidance to further your education in communicating with angels or the deceased? Whether you are interested in learning more for yourself or to offer spiritual work professionally - read on.

Karen now offers private mentorship to help develop your personal intuitive/psychic abilities and increase your spiritual connection on a deep, personal level. Mentorship is also for those people desiring to offer angel/medium readings professionally.
This mentorship is one-on-one with Karen to offer a high level of training to assist you in developing your psychic skills and professionalism. It is done over a period of time that varies with each individual.
You need to do a minimum of twelve hours to receive a certificate for this training. As the mentorship develops over time, it could be longer hours based on the personal and/or professional level you wish to attain.

Read on!


Maybe you’re not interested in talking to angels and dead people for a living like Karen does, but you are definitely interested in better receiving divine guidance in your own life. Then consider private mentorship.
Private Mentorship to develop your intuitive abilities includes:
Specific guidance from God/your angels for developing your natural abilities in receiving angel messages.
Past life healing to release fears blocking you today.
Practice various ways of receiving Divine guidance and helping you recognize the main way angels communicate with you.
Teaching you to chakra clear to raise your vibrations.
Teaching spiritual hygiene practices to protect you from others yucky energy.
Answering your very specific questions.
Discovering how to receive detailed messages using angel cards.

And more!

Increased credibility with a certification and training by Karen who is an international expert in the field of mediumship.
Increased confidence in your psychic abilities and ability to respectfully communicate with deceased people.
Higher level of professionalism working with your clients in a supportive environment.
Working and being paid at a professional level in communicating with the deceased.
Helping you fulfill your divine life purpose career wise.

This is one-on-one training, specialized for YOU. I meditate with God and your angels who guide me in mentoring you to honour your path as a professional medium.
Focus is effectively communicating with deceased people (and pets).
Discover the important steps of a medium session.

Thoroughly understand and experience the difference between dead people, earthbound spirits, angels, God. You will learn to differentiate and completely understand the difference in energies and always know exactly who you are communicating with.
Increasing your confidence in offering a medium session.
Observing Karen doing a 30 minute medium reading (One thing I wished I had in all my training was to see my teacher do a real, full length session).
Guiding & observing you do a medium reading.
Encourage your individuality and life purpose with what you are being divinely guided to do. Example, some people will focus on telephone sessions, others on in person sessions, others on teaching.
Help you release your personal fears/blockages in working as a professional medium.
Ideas to grow your successful business.
Tips on working with & retaining clients.
And more!




Increased credibility with a certification and training by Karen who is an international expert in the field of angelic communication.

Increased confidence in connecting with the angels & God and offering angelic messages to your clients in a professional manner..

Higher level of professionalism working with your clients in a supportive environment.

Working and being paid at a professional level for angel readings.

Helping you fulfill your divine life purpose career wise.


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