Monday, February 17, 2020
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“Karen Forrest is an amazing, genuine, gifted author, speaker and medium. She has a beautiful spirit and is a true example of an Earth Angel. She offers fantastic seminars and she has the unique ability to simplify information for her audience. Her sense of humour and personal experiences that she shares combined with her extensive knowledge and words of wisdom touches the hearts and souls of everyone she meets!”
h2 Maria and Lauretta Ryan, Inspirational Singers & Facilitators of The Law of Attraction

“My first encounter with Karen was when her book, Angels of the Maritimes: By your side, jumped off the shelf at me while I was visiting Halifax. I like to think it was the angels at work. After reading and enjoying the book I had a telephone angel reading. Since that time I have had more readings to help deal with family issues and these angel readings have been a great help.”
h2Bonnie Martin, Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada

“I listened to Karen’s podcast Spiritual Hygiene: Protecting Yourself From Other People’s Stuff. For the past year I have been routinely using her program of recommended spiritual hygiene, and I feel much more peaceful, centered, and less stressed by using these practices.”
h2Hilarey Davis, California, United States

“Karen Forrest is one of the most accurate angel readers and mediums I have come across. When my father died she spoke with him and asked him what he would want to say to the people who would be at his memorial service. I had the words Karen communicated from my father placed into the memorial program and I received comments from so many people saying how perfect the words were and how much like my father they sounded. (I did not say they were his direct words!). I highly recommend Karen as a professional and loving medium and angel reader and have used her services for many years now.”
h2Cathy Burnett, Canada

“I just finished reading your book Angels of the Maritimes By Your Side and loved it! It was uplifting and very helpful. As much as I love angels, I know very little about them so it was a great learning experience for me.”
h2Rhoda Woodward, New Brunswick

“Karen came into my life when I was in a very dark time. Through a personal angel reading, workshops, and her beautiful books, she has been a guide for me. She has helped me find my true path in life. She has given me a reason to go forward into my beautiful journey that lies before me.”
h2Kathleen Williams, Prince Edward Island, Canada

“I really enjoyed reading Canadian Angels By Your Side and found it inspirational! This book has helped me reconnect with my angels and reminded me to call upon them more often with very positive results. I can call upon my angels for everything.”
h2Janice Poechman, Nova Scotia

“Thank you for a great workshop. I fully enjoyed it and felt like I experienced a deep healing. The meditations were gentle and powerful. I am using the affirmations and feel connected on a greater level with the angels.”
h2Melissa Sarazin, Canada

"I went to a private session with Karen after losing one of my dearest friends to cancer. Karen helped me beyond belief. I was struggling as my friend had been so angry at God just before she passed and I was concerned as to where she was. Karen quickly relieved my doubts as she spoke to my friend and my friend assured me that God was there waiting for her when she passed on. I was a sceptic when I went in; I certainly was not when I left. I felt a great sense of peace in knowing my deceased friend was happy and with her loved ones."
h2Terri Baker, Canada