Monday, February 17, 2020
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Angel Reading

Do you have questions about your life? Are you in need of Divine guidance to guide you in the next step in your life or at a crossroads in your life? Then book yourself an angel reading today!

What is an angel reading?
During an angel reading, Karen communicates directly with your guardian angels and God to offer loving, supportive, uplifting Divine guidance.
This can be done in person at Karen’s home office or conveniently by telephone. Karen doesn’t need you in front of her to receive divine messages –it’s all telepathic. Karen primarily hears the angels talking to her, but she also receives messages from images or feelings too. A phone session is just as effective as seeing Karen in person.


  • See what loving messages your angels have for you.
  • Answer specific questions you have.
  • Angelic healing.
  • Removing fears/blockages in your life.
  • What is the next step in honouring your life path?


  • Life purpose and life path
  • Romance
  • Career path
  • Life changes, entering new phase in your life
  • Relationship issues
  • Health
  • Increasing your intuitive abilities/guidance on your spiritual path
  • Healing through fears & blockages

What are angels?
Angels are pure love and light. They are messengers of God. Angels and God are nondenominational –they are there for everybody. There is never any judgement and there is no fear. They lovingly guide us on our life path.

All sessions are confidential and offered in a safe, comfortable, supportive atmosphere.


“Wonderfully comforting, absolutely spot on and very much appreciated. Both her books and the telephone readings I have had were fabulous and I plan to make annual events out of the angel readings. Karen is funny and easy to talk to and always seems to get to the root of the matter.”

-Michelle Mackenzie, Truro, Nova Scotia

“Karen has been amazing at helping teach me to hear my inner guidance and helping me find the answers to questions when I wasn't able to connect with my angels. During difficult times in life, an angel reading with Karen always helped me feel balanced and helped me move forward to better days.”

-Shandel Short, Nova Scotia

“Karen's work with the angels has supported my journey these last five years. It has helped me be brave and trusting through many challenging experiences. With this support I am now living a life I used to dream about!”

-Madonna MacInnis, Nova Scotia, Canada