About Karen Forrest, BN, CD
The Angel Lady®

About Karen Forrest

Karen Forrest, Angel Lady®, is the Canadian bestselling author of Angels of the Maritimes: By Your Side, Canadian Angels, Angels of the Maritimes Volume Two and her autobiography Angel Lady of the Maritimes.

           Considered a foremost expert in the field of angelic communication, mediumship and spirituality Karen has guest spoken on various international radio shows (Maritime Morning, Sheldon MacLeod Show, X-Zone). In addition, Karen has guest appeared on television shows including Breakfast Television, Live at Five, Supernatural Investigations and CTV News. Having been quoted in newspapers across North America, Karen is internationally recognized.

An experienced lecturer and motivational speaker, Karen has developed and delivered various dynamic spiritual workshops and inspiring lectures to improve people’s lives. Guest speaking at various women’s expos, health expos, and professional conferences, Karen has proven adept at public speaking. She’s even had fun acting as the main speaker on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise lines. Karen offers humour and down-to-earth approach in her speaking engagements.

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Karen is a truly gifted spiritual counsellor, Angel Therapy Practitioner, and medium who counsells from a heart of compassion. Always believing in angels and seeking to improve her ability to communicate with angels, Karen became a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (2004). Karen mastered an intensive Medium Mentorship Program (2005), Professional Spiritual Teachers Program (2006), and Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner Course (2008). Furthermore, Karen has received a Basic Mediumship Course by James Van Praagh.

Karen has extensive spiritual training including attendance at workshops and lectures by: Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Adam, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Emoto, Dr. John DeMartini, Jack Canfield, Steven Farmer, Dr. Phil, Sonia Choquette and Medical Intuitive by Dr. Mona Lisa Scholz.

Karen offers a diverse background in educational and work experience having achieved a Bachelor of Nursing from University of Calgary and a diploma in Advanced Studies Mental Health Nursing from Mount Royal College Calgary. Captain Karen Forrest (retired) honourably served 17 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, retiring as a Mental Health Nursing Officer in 2006.

Through her Spiritual Counselling practice, Karen offers motivational speaking, private angel readings, spiritual counselling and fun spiritual workshops.

Karen resides in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


Becky Smith

Pleasant Grove, P.E.I

After my angel reading with Karen, I felt a sense of comfort. She has a very calming and quiet presence about her when she is delivering her messages.

Ali Warden

South Carolina

Through medium and angel readings, Karen has helped me immensely with her gift. She connected me with my parents and the messages and insights were uncanny. She is a true professional and her kindness just adds to the experience!


Profound and thought provoking. Thank you for connecting me with my angels! You bring such peace, love, and perspective! You are an amazing lady.

Alexandra Morehouse

Nova Scotia

Karen's ability to talk to and relay messages and healing from the Angels and other higher Beings is simply amazing. In today’s crazy world it brings comfort and peace to know that we are not on our own and are able to call on higher beings for help whenever needed. I always look forward to my sessions with Karen and leave them feeling more positive about life.

Diane Grant

Halifax, Nova Scotia

"I have had angel readings with Karen as well as medium readings and recently a phone reading too. I have always felt uplifted after my sessions with Karen. It is comforting to know about the angels in our lives and how they help us. It is very reassuring. Karen has a natural gift and has helped many people over the years. I also have copies of her books."

Rowena Crocker

Karen’s ability to contact loved ones who have crossed over is beyond amazing! She has helped so many grieving people find peace. She is indeed an Angel of Comfort.

Rose Hrynkiw

Winnipeg, MB

Your words of encouragement and hope helped me stay strong. It's difficult to stay positive in these uncertain times. Your books helped me stay focused and know I'm not alone. Thank you for being you.


Karen is a dynamic motivational speaker, empowering people to change their lives in a big way. Karen reaches out to an audience on a personal level, gently pushing them forward on their life paths. Offering more than a speech, Karen awakens the audience through specific meditations, practical life-changing tools, healing techniques and removal of blockages; resulting in people changing the way they live and moving forward in their lives.Inspiring through her words of wisdom and down-to-earth approach, Karen gets people thinking. She offers random audience angel readings for guidance and encouragement.Karen mixes humour and heart-felt messages with motivational stories to empower audiences to make positive changes that support their life path.